Hallberg-Rassy 54 brokerage

PRICE: 990 000 € / 2009 / Sweden

The dorade vents are of a new and innovative type with light balls, which automatically float up and close the vents if too much water is taken on the deck. As soon as the water flows away, the balls sink and open the vent again. Her graceful lines are impressive. You wish you could leave the dock immediately and never come back again, just go sailing, sailing, sailing.

The step to climb into the cockpit is a new design allowing easy access into the cockpit. When seated in the cockpit one immediately takes notice of the increased comfort with better angling of the backrest. The teak in the cockpit is flush mounted with the gelcoat. This not only looks good, it is easier to keep clean as well. The cockpit locker lid has a gas spring, making the lid almost weightless. The sliding entrance hatch is in plexi glass which allows light into the boat and the grabrail of the sliding hatch is of high gloss varnished teak as are the generous exterior chart tables.

The mainsail is furled out hydraulically and also the outhaul is hydraulically controlled, which means you can handle it even under load. The vang and the backstay are also hydraulically controlled from a panel in the cockpit at the helm position. There is both a genoa and a permanent cutter stay and both are of course hydraulically controlled from the cockpit. The powerful headsail winches are electrically driven with a soft start. The yacht accelerates as soon as the wind fills the sails. The rudder feel is exact and controlled. There is a feeling of total harmony and control. Control over an impressive yacht that will take you anywhere in any weather with the smallest crew. That’s a nice feeling of security.

Main Technical data


54 ft 11 in (16.74 m)

15 ft 5 in (4.70 m)

8 ft (2.30 m)

26.3 t

Fuel capacity
238 US gal (900 l)

Fresh water capacity
278 US gal (1050 l)

Volvo Penta D4-180



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