Yacht management

Yacht management

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Managing a large yacht can be as complex as managing a large company with a similar financial turnover. Like any business, managing a yacht involves a whole host of complex professional issues: personnel management, health and safety, technical and legal aspects of the operation. With increasing international laws governing aspects related to large yachts, the time required and «paperwork» will take too much of the Captain’s physical and mental effort.

Jonacor Marine’s Yacht Management division was created specifically to simplify the process of managing and owning a large yacht.
The main objective is to take care of all technical and administrative issues so that the owner spends the maximum amount of time enjoying the yacht.
The unique à la carte structure allows us to select the most sought after destinations for each yacht and create a unique support program while providing the highest quality of service. Jonacor Marine works exclusively with highly qualified staff, experienced marine engineers, technical staff, financial managers, each specializing in a specific area of Yacht Management. We offer a simple and realistic approach to yacht management, designed to maximize the owner’s enjoyment of his vessel, and to increase the commercial potential of the yacht.

Areas of Yacht Management:

* insurance
* personnel management
* technical support
* operational management and logistics
* safety management
* financial management
* charter management

Other services

yacht construction and design, construction management

  • Legal support
  • Design
  • Engineering

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