Yacht registration

Yacht registration

Full cycle of registration in a foreign ship registry

We provide a full cycle of registration in a foreign ship registry — from company registration to obtaining a flag and determining the home port.
Usually our clients choose the British ship registry with home ports of Guernsey, Jersey, Gibraltar, Isle of Man.

Thus, our clients enjoy all the advantages of the British flag (Red Ensign). The Red Ensign flag appeared in the 17th century, originally on ships of the British Royal Navy. Subsequently, this flag was also used on British merchant ships. This flag is accepted in all ports of the world and is a comfortable flag for private pleasure yachts, also suitable for commercial vessels (for charter). In addition to offshore registration we provide registration in European ship registries, including Malta and Luxembourg. We advise our clients on how to pay VAT and obtain the relevant certificate.

The VAT certificate saves the shipowner from the necessity of annual departure from the inland waters of the Eurozone. At the same time, payment of VAT under Maltese, Italian or French leasing schemes allows reducing the amount of tax payable from 22% to 1% (and sometimes even less) of the value of the vessel. These leasing schemes are stipulated by the legislation of many European countries. We provide registration of both commercial and private use (pleasure yacht) vessels. You can choose any ship registry at your discretion.

We also work with the Delaware registry in the USA.

Yacht registration

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