for the purchase of a yacht

Thanks to credit and leasing instruments you can own a yacht today, paying only 30-40% of its value in one lump sum.
Nevertheless, financing should not be considered as a source of funds, but rather as a tool to avoid a one-time diversion
of a significant amount of money from investment or business.

We cooperate with banks and financial companies in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Liechtenstein and have a positive
experience in organizing and supporting transactions for Russian citizens to obtain a loan or lease to purchase a yacht abroad.

By contacting us, you get access to the most attractive credit and leasing products for the purchase of a yacht from leading European banks.
From our specialists you can get free of charge the most professional advice on all issues related to the purchase of a yacht anywhere in the world.
The process of obtaining a loan with us is quite simple and requires no effort on your part. Each transaction is unique.
The client’s desire for confidentiality is unquestionable for us.

As a rule, it is easier to obtain financing for the purchase of a new yacht if the seller is an authorized dealer.
There are two main financing options: yacht loan and leasing. The bank necessarily checks the financial condition of the client.
The loan payments should be at least twice covered by disposable income.

Despite the availability of standardized financial products, each transaction for us is unique, we are ready to take into account
any wishes of the client and find the only right solution for you.

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