Nomad Yachts

Nomad 70 SUV brokerage

PRICE: 3 150 000 € / 2022 / UAE

At Gulf Craft, the team of experienced craftsmen has found the ideal spot to fit the new Nomad 70 into the existing lineup of the 75 – 95 SUVs. All boasting the range’s ocean voyaging credentials.

From the modern layout of the lavish interiors, and the presence of ultra-spacious outdoor entertainment spaces to the stowage of your favourite tenders and toys, the vessel is built to be seaworthy and self-sufficient to serve as a luxury platform for oceangoing voyages.

With a fine-tuned design featuring a semi-displacement hull and 70’ – 5” LOA (21.5m), the Nomad 70 SUV is able to travel through open waters and reach impressive distances at significant speeds. Her exterior lines depict strength and ruggedness, while the luxurious interiors offer significant volume — thanks to her six-metre-plus beam. Time has been spent across the SUV range to meet our clients’ requirements of powerful engines (can hit maximum speeds of 25 knots), impressive volume (housing five cabins in a 70-foot yacht), luxurious interiors, and a rugged, avant-garde aesthetic.

Main Technical data


70 ft 6 in (21.50 m)

20 ft (6.04 m)

4 ft 8 in (1.43 m)

50 t

Fuel capacity
1,770 US gal (6,700 l)

Fresh water capacity
251 US gal (950 l)

2x MAN V8-1200 883 kW



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