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  • Brokerage

    Brokerage MAKE THE RIGHT CHOISE We help our clients to make the right choice when buying a yacht and save money during the entire life of its operation. We offer used motor and sailing yachts and boats that meet the highest standards, and also help to find the best offers on the used yacht market. [...]


  • Majesty Yachts

    Gulf Craft . Majesty Yachts WELCOME TO THE EPITOME OF LUXURY One of the most historic and prominent milestones for Gulf Craft and Majesty Yachts is the inception & launch of the “World’s Largest production composite Yacht”, the Majesty 175. Pushing the boundaries in superyacht production, this triumph of craftsmanship is designed by the Italian [...]


  • Hallberg-Rassy

    Hallberg-Rassy FROM SHED TO FAMOUS BOATYARD Everything started 80 years ago in the heart of the Swedish archipelago. Today 9,700 Hallberg-Rassy yachts are delivered all over the world. There are Hallberg-Rassy ambassadors in the very cold areas of the world as well as in tropical heat. Many of the features that help to protect against the cold, work [...]


  • Silvercraft Boats

    Gulf Craft . Silvercraft Yachts Silvercraft Range of Leisure, Fishing, and Family Boats Styling, comfort, and practicality are the design parameters that have defined the success of the family cruisers and fishing boats that make up the Silvercraft product range. The boats are built for pleasure cruising, sport fishing, and overwater activities such as water-skiing, [...]


  • Oryx Yachts

    Gulf Craft . ORYX Yachts Oryx Sport Cruisers Part of the Gulf Craft group, Oryx was established in 2005 and has been hugely successful in the Middle Eastern market. The new models are distinct from the brand’s existing range and have been designed with an international clientele in mind. The Oryx sport yachts & cruisers [...]


  • Nomad Yachts

    Gulf Craft . Nomad Yachts DISCOVER NOMAD Elegant, luxurious and powerful in performance, the Nomad range was first unveiled to acclaim in 2015 at the Dubai International Boat Show, quickly seeing wider international success as it was debuted across Asia, Australia and Europe. With its sleek contours, sophisticated interiors and outstanding ocean going performance, the [...]


  • Kavi Yachts

    Kavi Yachts KAVI 9 Kavi, promises to build high strength boats without compromising from excellent performance As it was dreamed at very early ages of founder’s, the soul of seafaring north is alloyed with engineering. After passing of years in yacht industry, now it is time to take a step further. Oceangoing Chief Engineer Selim [...]


  • Southern Wind

    Southern Wind SMART CUSTOM VERSATILITY BLUEWATER RELIABILITY SAILING EXHILARATION Southern Wind is a boutique sailing yacht shipyard, founded in Cape Town in 1991.  With European shareholders, all sailors and yachtsmen, an international management and the shipyard in South Africa, it’s a crossroad of different cultures. Open minds and flexibility are the basis of this company’s [...]


  • Silent Yachts

    SILENT-YACHTS A NEW E-RA OF YACHTING SILENT-YACHTS was founded on the dream of making luxury yachting work truly hand in hand with nature by minimising the impact on the marine environment while still providing utmost levels of comfort without compromises. SILENT 60 ___________ SILENT 62 3-DECK OPEN ___________ SILENT 62 3-DECK CLOSED ___________ SILENT 80 [...]


  • Brizo Yachts

    Brizo Yachts THE ULTIMATE WHEELHOUSE & WALKAROUND BRIZO Yachts are fully individualized yachts of serial and individual production, which are created according to the requirements of each customer of the customer. There is not a single boat that is the same, each is created according to a separate project and projects are constantly improving. The [...]


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